Nation: Forest Nation
Age: 11
Partner Monster: Nak

A very easy-going person, but also extremely shy. In the same class as Vulkay and the others, who he always wanted to be friends. with. However, owing to his personality, he couldn’t manage to talk to them, only stare. As a result, Vulkay and the others viewed him as “that creep who’s always glaring at us.” Getting information about a Battle Disk (An item used to create monsters) in the forests back home, he goes to Vulkay and the others for help in searching for it and ends up becoming their friend. (It’s through Sophie’s mediation then that he’s finally able to talk to them.) While he normally tends to be taciturn, he becomes much more animated in a forest environment like his home. He also believes in the “the law of the forest people” that any game caught should be shared equally. There are a few areas on the training school grounds that, because “nobody was using them”, he’s brought plants into and have now become jungle-like. He has a much older sister that he is no match for. The monsters he summons generally favor direct attacks with hammers and swords.