A Heroes trainee in a different class than Vulkay..
Accompanied by three lackeys, he appears to be gathering influence at the school, but the truth is that he doesn’t have much. (A so-called “King of the Mountain”). Somehow or another, he ends up meddling with Vulkay and the others, showing contempt for them and working some scheme. However, he’s not evil by nature and his schemes are so amateurishly shallow that they never work out. He’s an object of ridicule. His grades are so bad that he risked expulsion from the school. However, with help from Vulkay and the others, he managed to avoid that. After that, he genuinely applies himself and seems to develop real power. He’s the leader of his lackeys and seems to genuinely care about them. When it seemed like he was going to be expelled, he pleaded with them to stay on at the school. He seems to have come to the capital with the expectations of his hometown riding on him, and was genuinely pleased with the new cape that they sent him. The monsters he summons are giants made of rock, with contests of raw strength their specialty. (However, he’s fundamentally on the show to put up a fight without any chance of winning.)