The Battle Discs & Shooters

Also known as the “battle disk”. It is the power source the Legendary Red Dragon scattered around the world upon its attack from Dark Desire. With Heroes member’s power and ability, it can conjugate a creature. As Heroes member’s ability and the disk’s energy form a creature, every creature resembles the Heroes character that has manifested them.

When the Heroes trainees are out of uniform, the mini-monsters are stowed in the trainees’ pendants.Upon transformation (Stage 1 of the basic battle system), the mini-monsters appear from the pendants with dazzling light and wrap themselves around Heroes’ arm. This is the moment when the mini-monsters turn into Shooters. When a disc is inserted to Shooter, they amplify Heroes’ ability. They are also able to form a creature by using the energy from the disc.

As each Heroes member has their own mini-monster that transforms into Shooter, it can be said that the mini-monsters are Heroes members’ trusted partners. Through Shooter, Heroes can communicate with the creature they have conjugated. Their actions are transmitted to the creature via Shooter in exact detail, allowing Heroes to control them. At the same time, the damages and the pain inflicted to the creatures are also transmitted to Heroes. The ability to control the creatures increases in direct proportion to the upswing in strength of Heroes’