Nation: Air Nation
Age: 13
Partner Monster: Bais

A Heroes trainee in Vulkay’s class. Born to a family line of knights who have, since the age of myth, protected the Red Dragon (A godlike being in this world who came to defend peace. It is now destroyed.) As he’s been training from early childhood to be a Hero, he is far and away the standout among the other trainees. His determination to be a Hero is stronger even than Zan’s, and his belief that friends are unnecessary for him to become stronger keeps him maintaining a line he won’t cross in their relationship, even though he works together with Vulkay and the others. He’s aware of how much more skillful he is compared to the others, and doesn’t hide it. However, as his manner and speech match his strength, nobody mentions it. (Only Vulkay tends to snap at him about it). While his heart had been worn down by the daily grind of training since early childhood, since receiving an ancestral medall from his aunt, he’s seems to gain peace from his dreams and has been able to overcome the harsh training. Since Sophie resembles the girl from his dreams, she naturally weighs on his mind, but on an occasion where he enters her dreams to slay a monster that she’s been wrestling with, he sees her conjure up an image of Vulkay to slay it, revealing her feelings to him. As he tends to approach everything logically, he often ends up at odds with the more intuitive Vulkay. Also, as he is older and aware of how he’s the most skillful, he has a strong opinion that it’s his duty to guide the others, though there are times he wants to kill them.